The Beginning

Right now, this blog is just empty space, but I hope that is not always the case. The future of this blog will be my random thoughts about 2 things that I care about a lot; video games and anime. I will be looking back on old games and new and sharing my viewpoints about what I feel is making these games great, or sometimes not so great…

I will not be trying to imitate AVGN or anything like that. Rather, this is just me, writing about my viewpoints on certain games and what they mean to me.

My first review, while cliché, is the beginning for me. It will be about my first experience with the NES and Super Mario Bros. I know that SMB has been done to death, but my everyone has their own story about their first time playing this game.

I hope you stay and enjoy the ride that will be a trip into Mongo’s Mania


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